Friday, January 15, 2010


DAY 15: 191.2

either it's my metabolism and hormone levels slowing down, or the sodium intake from 1.5lbs of turkey that i ate yesterday, that's made me gain 3lbs in 1 night, wth?

i think it's time for a carb refeed. this week, i'll do 150g of carbs from semi-junk:

1pm: 12 california rolls
3pm: half of quizno's tbg sub
5pm: half of quizno's tbg sub

Starting next week, i'll use monday as a refeed day (150g carbs) coming from:
PW: 40g waximaze
1 hour after: fruit + rice
3 hours after: pasta or bread.

friday's will be my cheat meal, where i would enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant. nothing too big; just enough to satisfy my appetite.

I'll be on this program for 4-6 weeks instead of the 2 weeks i planned. then, i'll get back on the palumbo diet to lose the last 10-20lbs.

edit: it's been 4 hours since i had a refeed, and i must say, my muscles feel a lot tighter! fawk, i love carbs. lol.

so, i been reading more, and here's what i will do/did:

week 1: keto diet
week2-6: PSFM
week 6-8: break-- 50g fat/ 100g carbs/ 225g protein to regulate thyroid and regulate hormones
week 8-12+: back to keto!

so, brief expectations:
week1-6 : expecting 20-25lbs loss
week 6-8: increase 8-10lbs (expecting 1-2lbs of LBM, rest water, etc).
week 8-12: 10-15lbs

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