Monday, January 4, 2010


Couldn't post yesterday because i didn't have access to my laptop.

so, DAY 3: 196lbs

DAY 4: 195lbs.

I measured myself after my nap, and i was at 192lbs. My weight fluctuates 3-4lbs during the day due to water intake, as well as, food consumption. I'm expecting to be around 188lbs by the end of this week. After that, a consistent 2lbs loss per week is expected.

So, i'm beginning to like the food i take in, even though it leaves no energy whatsoever during the night. I'm not as hungry as I thought i would've been. The fat intake in this diet helps curve hunger a lot.

I started school today, after an absence of 6 months? Fck, my brain wasn't functioning in class, and class starting at 8:00am doesn't help either, lol!

-took 1 pill of lipolyze.
-will start weights this week or next after my diet stabilizes.
-will continue with cardio.

Btw, i want to thank my girlfriend for giving me support. :D


  1. "Btw, i want to thank my girlfriend for giving me support. :D" aww hunny!!! thanks for the quick shout out there, you're too cute! i love you & you know you always have my full support in anything and everything that you do cause you do the same for me. iloveyou ;)