Tuesday, December 29, 2009


December is coming to an end, which means it's time to end my bulking diet. I started gaining weight, from 140lbs, on Thanksgivings in '08. It's roughly been 13 months, and since then, i gained 61lbs. Starting January, i'll be cutting weight; in hopes of reaching 6-8% body fat. To do so, i'm using a variation of the Palumbo diet. This diet, devised by Dave Palumbo is a variation of a keto diet. It's a high protein/ moderate fat/ low carb diet, which i have used before with success.

Starting Jan 1. the diet follows:

Meal #1: 4 omega-3 eggs, 4oz of turkey breast- 18.5g fat/ 4g carbs/ 48g protein.

Meal #2: 2 scoops of ON whey isolate, 1tbsp macadamia nut oil: 16g fat/ 4g carbs/ 48g protein.

Meal#3 : 2 scoops of Nectar whey isolate, 1.5tbsp of peanut butter: 11.25gfat/ 5.25carbs/ 54.7g pro.

Meal #4: 8oz chicken breast, 1.5 servings of almond. 24g fat/9g carbs/ 59g protein.

Meal #5: 7oz salmon, 1oz turkey 1 cup spinach, 1tbsp macadamia nut oil: 34g fat, 0c, 43g protein.

Meal #6: 2 scoops of Nectar whey isolate, 1 tbsp of peanut butter 11.25g fat/5.25carbs/ 54.7g pro.

Total: 115g fat
27.5 carbohydrates
307.4 protein

Supplements: 4caps of fish oil
Fiber 2x a day

Training: 5x5,
Monday: arms
Tuesday: legs
Wednesday: off
Thursday: shoulders and chest
Friday: back
Saturday: off
Sunday: off

Cardio: Low intensity--30mins 3 times a week. Increase when i plateau.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Weight: 190.6lbs

Dropped 4-5lbs due to back/chest pains. Had my first workout in 5 days.

Today's workout: bi/tri

Closegrip 100- 8,8,8,8 4x0 tempo
Reverse grip barbell curls 55- 6,6,6,6 3x0 tempo
Barbell tricep extensions 75 -4,4,4,4 3xo tempo
Barbell curls 75-6,6,6,6 3xo tempo

pre workout: 30g naked juice
25g whey
10g glutamine
During: gatorade
Post:60g Waximaize
50g Whey
10g glutamine